New Series Alert!! “Serious Styles”

If you watch my YouTube channel then you already know I got my hair “layed hunty” (ripped from Funky Dineva) by Celebrity Stylist April B. My hair was so fabulous I decided to create a new blog series to showcase stylists who basically perform hair art!

The splash of red hair added to the front is Essential Coil (comes in many colors) and sold exclusively at






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Win a free wedding in Atlanta!!


Atlanta relationship coaches and marital educators Ken and Myra McKnight are known best for their radio segment on The Spike Davis Morning Show and their bi-monthly relationship column in Sheen Magazine. On May 17, 2013 they will be marrying 5 lucky couples, free of charge (location TBA in Atlanta, GA)!! One of these five couples will also win a free honeymoon weekend to Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Couples interested in entering to become one of the five couples chosen to be married should email for contest rules and regulations. Also visit for more information.

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Tampa, FL Presents: Naturals in the City!!

Naturals in the City – One Year Anniversary is bringing GLAM with a capital “G” to the Tampa Bay Area. The event will consist of beauty and wellness, fashion and natural hair panels, shopping with local vendors, sampling delicious appetizers, and much more. For more information click the picture below!

Loving My Natural Self

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Toddler Hair Care with Tinka!

Here is a quick run down of how I care for my baby girls hair. She is just shy of 2 yrs old but my regimen for her has stayed consistent.

First part of her hair care regimen is sleeping on a sating crib sheet (all of my children during their crib-sleeping lives sleep on a satin crib sheet (check Ebay).

Second is co-washing every 2 weeks. I have used and absolutely love Honey Chile Hair Love Sweet Ambrosia Conditioner. I also finger detangle while this conditioner is in her hair (pic below).

Sweet Ambrosia Conditioner

Next, I add the Honey Chile Hair Love Leave-In Conditioner and finger it through as well.

Honey Chile Hair Love

Last I add a moisturizer. I am currently loving the Avocado Truffle Milk by Honey Chile Hair Love.


Then I put a scarf or my loc soc on her head while it air dries. It is required that she has a “hair break” which means she runs around and plays while her hair air dries. She is not going for getting her hair washed and then straight to styling. No ma’am!


For styling I mainly use just one product, sometimes two. The Lush Curl Custard is awesome for my hair and for hers for braids and twists.

IMG_4683 - Version 2

For ponytails and puffs use just a dab of Ampro Pro Styl Olive Oil Gel to smooth her edges and to clump her curls for afro puffs.


Now for styling! With her sitting on a bean bag chair between my legs I get to work. I alternate between cornrow styles that last for 2 weeks or ponytail styles that I re-do each morning.

IMG_4498Here I did individual braids all over and put them into ponytails. I am always sure not to pull too tight and to leave her edges (all the way around) loose.






IMG_3675 IMG_3674 This is cornrows in the back and 2-strand twists on the top. This style lasts 2 weeks w/o having to re-do it.






Here are some simple ponytails where I braided the loose hair. At night I remove the ponytail holder (I do not un-braid the loose hair) and in the morning I spritz with a little lavender water, smooth the edges with a very soft brush, and reapply the ponytail holder (no metal pieces and no rubber-bands!)

For maintenance every 4-5 days or so I will spritz with a little lavender water if I think her hair needs more moisture and that’s it! I do alternate between a braided or twisted style for 2 weeks and ponytails for the next 2 weeks. I do this so I am not constantly doing her hair (which she is not having anyway). Hope this helps someone!

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Design Essentials Creme Gel Wash n’ Go

I recently tried the Design Essentials Creme Gel for a wash and go. I have used it before for a twist out and loved it but this was my first experience with a wash and go.

After washing and finger detangling my hair I applied Honey Chile Hair Love Leave-in Conditioner and then using the “smoothing” technique I applied the Design Essentials Creme Gel (pictured below).


IMG_4692 IMG_4688


Here my hair is still quite wet. I have a t-shirt (instead of a towel) draped across my shoulders to catch water but reduce frizz.





IMG_4703 IMG_4700



Here my hair was completely dry and quite crunchy (later on the same day). It didn’t have the volume I like with my wash and goes. But it was very defined.




The next day after having it pineappled at night I had to do much fluffing and smoothing and picking to get it how I wanted it.

Verdict: I will not use this product for a wash and go again but will definitely use it for future twist outs.



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