In the Lab: Coconut Cream Relaxer

Being the YouTube junkies that we are, long ago we stumbled upon thatgirrl5's homemade concoction titled Coconut Cream Relaxer. Now relaxing our curls was never our goal, but after watching another YouTuber, FreeWorshipFreeWors, who swears by it and said it was more of a deep conditioner we decided to give it a whirl.

The first thing we did was order the EXACT items that thatgirrl5 used in her video. There are many on YouTube who tried it and said it didn't work or had adverse affects on their hair. But we found that those folks didn't use the exact ingredients and tried to "cheat". Well we all know what eventually happens when you cheat. So we video taped our experience but also repeated the recipe and steps below. So here is exactly what thatgirrl5 uses and what we used:

2 tbs Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

1.5 tbs Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate

8-12 oz Plain yogurt (or fat-free)

We melted the coconut oil and cream concentrate together before mixing into the yogurt. We applied like you would a perm over the enter hair shaft. We then covered with a plastic cap and sat for 45 minutes (w/o heat). We shampooed and then……

MahoganyBella's hair after shampooing. Very soft and her ringlets popped!


EbonyKnots after shampooing. Also very soft and very moisturized. Look at the shine on those strands!

So we both gave it 2 thumbs up and will definitely do it again. To see the full video of us making the concoction and applying it click here. or Watch Now!


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