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    Mahoganybella’s Spring Makeover by K. Logan Hair Salon!

    April 17th, 2013

    Being a naturalista for over 12 years; I’ve had many natural hair styles and looks. We all know by now that natural hair can be so versatile and that is why I enjoy it.

    Last year, I came to realization that it was time for me to spice up my look a bit (in regards to my hair). I didn’t really know how I would do it but the need for a “change” was tapping on my shoulder. I toggled around with the idea of color and I explored that option by getting rinses in a dark plum color. I took baby steps with the color because of the fear of damaging my hair when its already in a fragile state (due to medications). I tried the semi-permanent rinses a couple of times. On both occasions the color was just “okay” nothing that anyone even noticed really. One day I came across a picture of Taraji P. Henson rocking a classy and sassy “bob”. She is often rocking some type of cropped or shoulder length bob style and I quickly realized that I’ve always loved this look. I’ve often wondered what it would look like on me.

    I was approached with the idea of doing a hair makeover by K. Logan Salon. I went to her website to view all of the styling options and got down to the bottom and saw that this salon features hair extensions for retail and installation. The first thing that came to mind was “That’s it..a sew in…that’s what I need”! I immediately pulled up the inspiring photo in my iphone of Taraji and forwarded it to the salon owner “Akia” aka Kia and made my appointment.

    In the days leading up the appointment I had second thoughts about the idea of getting a “straight” styled partial sew-in weave. I hadn’t straightened my natural hair in 3 years so I was nervous about the thought of my hair reverting back to its natural state too soon after being straightened. After much consideration, I was too nervous to risk it and decided to try a curly/natural sew in instead. But it was too late, it was not enough time to order the curly hair/weave for a curly/wavy style.

    Alas…after a long consultation with Akia I was back to my original plan. I knew I wanted to try this style out BAD! So I just said…what the heck…let’s do it.  :)

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! Here are some pics from my experience (click on the picture to enlarge it and read the captions)….

    Thanks so much to Akia at K.Logan Hair for transforming me into a Taraji look-alike LOL. She did a great job and was very knowledgeable about hair care (natural/relaxed) and weaves. She kindly answered all of my questions during my consultation and was very patient with me. I know nothing about weave and she quickly learned this as we joked about this and that. I was very comfortable in her chair…often nodding off while she washed, conditioned, blow dried, & braiding up my natural hair to prepare for the install. I let her know it was a good thing for me to fall asleep because it meant that I was very relaxed and comfortable. My experience was fun & I most certainly recommend that you all go and visit her.

    Well done Kia!

    K. Logan Hair Salon
    1610 Lavista Road NE (State Farm Building) 
    • Suite #4
    • Atlanta,
    • Georgia



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    “Beauties Who Brunch” Atlanta Edition w/ ILY Beauty Co. & Juicy Magazine

    January 30th, 2013

     Much thanks to ILY’s Founder & CEO Shana and Tiia of Juicy Magazine for inviting us out for Beauties Who Brunch. The event is held at Coze (Event Lounge) in downtown Atlanta, GA. Among the crowd was local bloggers and vloggers in the Atlanta area. We were greeted with glasses of mimosas and nothing but smiles and warm greetings. Every blogger/vlogger had a place card setting with their name on it. How cute! It’s all about the personal touches. :) *wink The afternoon started off with a wonderful brunch catered by Red Carpet Events. It was so good!! After munching a bit we kicked off the discussions about the natural hair lifestyle, maintenance, natural hair in the work place, relationships, working out (if you do or don’t) and more. We also talked about every day beauty woes and swaped key advice. It was the perfect event for networking and learning about ILY’s products. The food and cocktails were fabulous. A southern feast that we will talk about for months to come. We ended with desserts (cupcakes) and a little time to take pictures in front of the step and repeat with props. How fun!

    Thanks so much ILY and Juicy Magazine for inviting us out. We look forward to trying your products out soon.

    Please visit ILY’s website for more information on their products. Also, like the facebook page here.

    See pics below!









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    Natural Girls Rock 2nd Annual Holiday Party w/ Fashion Show hosted by MahoganyKnots

    October 23rd, 2012

    Natural Girls Rock®

    “2nd Annual Holiday Party and Extravaganza”

    Sponsored by

    NOTE: This is not a meet up……Its a rockin’ social affair, a mixer, a shopping arena, a “who is THAT on the other side of the room” all out SHINGDIG! 

    Open to LADIES and GENTS 21 and older. 

    Open to the first 700 “Grown Folks”!

    (Hair and gender not important)!

    A cash bar will also be available.

     595 North Event Venue and Lounge 

    November 10, 2012 (1:00p.m. – 7:00p.m.)

    Come and enjoy……..

    * 15 Hand-picked, top notch vendors (For *YOUR* holiday shopping)!

    * LIVE ENTERTAINMENT by “Eva Kennedy”!!!!

    * Open Mic Talent (Could be singers, dancers, spoken word artists…etc.)

    * Swag bag to the 1st 100 people through the door!

    * Good music

    * Food/beverage available for purchase

    * Cash bar 

    * Socialize with Atlanta’s **FINEST** LADIES AND GENTS!!

    Fashion Show hosted by yours truly….Kiki & Farrah of “Mahongony Knots”!!

    Season 3 Natural Girls Rock Ambassadors will be riping the runway!!!

    Please click on the link below to purchase tickets!

    Come out and enjoy a great time with grown folks! Laugh, eat, drink, shop, dance, ENJOY the show!

    See you at the party!


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    Eden BodyWorks Family Beauty Days w/ Walmart Recap (Lost Post)

    October 11th, 2012

    On August 11th, I participated in the Eden Family Beauty Days at Walmart in Columbus , GA! 

    Myself along with fellow blogger, Lexi of LexiWith were guest host of the event. We were on site to be brand ambassadors for the day. Our goal was the reach as many people as possible spreading the word about EDENBodyWorks products. We passed out samples, shared and swapped advice on natural hair care and beauty regimens. Normally, hair care products will catch the eye of your average woman or young lady but we actually had several men interested in hearing about the products as well. This made for interesting conversation and dialogue. Eden’s products were flying off the shelves before we were done! We also passed out beauty bags and book bags for the kiddies. The day started out a little rainy, but we ended it with sunshine! Thanks to the EDEN BodyWorks team and the beauty manager/VP of Marketing, Ylori Anderson for the invite. I had a blast!

    My favorite EDEN products are the Peppermint Shampoo & Deep Conditioner!

    Special thanks to my new curl friend Nikki of for being our fabulous photographer for the day!

    Check out the pictures below!


    *All photos courtesy of
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    Meet Me in Columbus, GA for #EDENBeautyDays at Walmart!

    August 7th, 2012
    Join me, MahoganyBella, this Saturday, August 11th in Columbus, GA for #EDENBeautyDays featuring EDEN BodyWorks natural hair care products at Walmart.  I will be co-hosting this event with Lexi of CurlsCoilsandKinks. We will be onsite to discuss how the EDEN BodyWorks products work for us as well as to give you tips and advice on all things related to natural hair.
    There will be a radio party hosted by WKJZ 92.7 FM from 12-2pm. The entire event will run from 11:30-3pm.
    Gifts with purchase are included and samples will be given out! We will also each have a winner who will win the collection.
    The first MK fan that comes up to me and says “Hey, I LOVE MahoganyKnots” will win a cool prize!
    For more info on EDEN BodyWorks click here. Follow EDEN on Twitter @EDENBodyWorks and on Instagram “EDEN BodyWorks”. Use the hashtag #EDENBeautyDays during the event.
    Don’t forget to to follow me too…Mahoganybella on Instagram & Twitter! See you soon!
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