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    Wait! Read This Before You Get a Short Haircut!

    April 23rd, 2014

    I’m featured on!! Click here to read this awesome article featuring myself and other short haired naturals!!

    Naturally Curly

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    And then this happened…

    April 1st, 2014

    So you may be wondering “Kiki here the heck have you been?”. Well I have no excuse nor will I try and make one up. I have been quite active on my YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages but not here and for that I apologize and promise to try and do better. So to give you a little peek into what’s been up with me see below.

    IMG_3127 IMG_3077 IMG_3061












    Yup as some are probably saying “Kiki has gone off and lost her mind!”. Shaved sides, with designs, and purple?!?!!! Well if I am going through some deep identity crisis it’s so deep I don’t know it yet. So for the meantime until it surfaces I am having fun! Stay tuned for my next post for details on my hair and the artists who help me get here!

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    Atlanta Event: “da Kink in my Hair” 48-Hour Pre-Sale Event.

    June 12th, 2013

    If you are like me then you love the arts in any shape or form!!  The award winning play, ‘da Kink in my Hair is coming to the Cobb Energy Center in Atlanta Sept. 6-8th 2013.  The play will feature Grammy award winning Melanie Fiona and actress Terri J. Vaughn of the Steve Harvey Show. Watch this clip!

    An exclusive discount code, “LETTY”, is extended to you during this pre-sale event!! When purchasing tickets using the code, tickets can be purchased at a rate of ($35.00) thirty-five dollars. YOu can purchase tickets starting today at or phone 1-800-745-3000.
    For more information about this fabulous production visit and stay tuned to for future previews and interviews with the cast!
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    Quick Roller Set = Loose Curls

    April 8th, 2013

    Ever need to do something with your hair and not sure what? That happens to me way too often these days. I knew I wanted to wear a stretched style but didn’t want to blow dry and surely not press my hair so here’s what I came up with.

    On slightly damp hair I used 1.25 in Cold Wave Rods along with Mahogany Naturals Hair Milk and sat under my Laila Ali bonnet dryer for 1 hour.

    1.24 in Cold Wave Rod IMG_5492







    I pulled out the rollers and voila!



    After wearing the curls unseparated for a few days I combed them out for a fuller bushy look and slapped on my The Natural Me headband (love these headbands…they don’t squeeze my head!).

    IMG_5514 IMG_5513

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    New Series Alert!! “Serious Styles”

    March 20th, 2013

    If you watch my YouTube channel then you already know I got my hair “layed hunty” (ripped from Funky Dineva) by Celebrity Stylist April B. My hair was so fabulous I decided to create a new blog series to showcase stylists who basically perform hair art!

    The splash of red hair added to the front is Essential Coil (comes in many colors) and sold exclusively at






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