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    So Fresh and So Clean!

    August 20th, 2014

    Bacterial Vaginosis? Yeast infection? Random days where you haven’t felt so fresh? If you are a woman then more than likely you have experienced one, if not all, of the above. Hormones, bubble baths, soaps and cleansers, even a spin in the hot tub can bring on any one of these conditions without warning.

    The Honey Pot Feminine Wash is designed to help restore/maintain pH balance and keep bad bacteria and candida in check. While it does not cure conditions that have already begun, it can help prevent them from occurring in the first place by keeping your “purse” pH balanced and fresh.

    Honey Pot Feminine Wash


    In addition to their regular wash, they carry a formula for pregnant woman as well as young girls ages 4-12. It’s not a douche and can be used daily which is great! You can order The Honey Pot Feminine online at

    Stay Fresh!!

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    I’m gonna party like it’s 1999!

    May 2nd, 2014

    I had been long overdue for a good ol’ sweaty, dance all night, sing every word to every song, ol’ school party. Koils by Nature owner and CEO Pam Jenkins must have felt the same way because she threw the best 90s party after the 2014 hair show.

    This was more than just a night away from the kids. This was a night where I stepped back into my young adulthood and jammed!!! Jammed so much my knees were aching the next 4 days (age is no joke). Below are a few pics and video clips captured from that night.

    Check this vid of  my brother jamming’!

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    Hair Show Weekend Fun!

    May 1st, 2014

    Hey all!

    I have had a very busy weekend enjoying all of the festivities surrounding the 2014 World Natural Hair Show!

    First stop is the hair show. Let me be honest. I no longer go to the hair show to buy products or even the tons and tons of accessories there. I go for the people!! I love connecting with those that have watched my natural hair shenanigans along with those that I watch and follow as well! This time I brought my daughter along for the fun! Here are a few pics from the expo.

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    15% off MahoganyKnots Apparel!!

    April 25th, 2014

    Use code HEYMAMA today through April 29, 2014 for 15% off your favorite MahoganyKnots tshirt and tanks!! Visit the MK Shoppe to place your order today!

    Shop MahoganyKnots

    Shop MahoganyKnots

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    Wait! Read This Before You Get a Short Haircut!

    April 23rd, 2014

    I’m featured on!! Click here to read this awesome article featuring myself and other short haired naturals!!

    Naturally Curly

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